Ferny Grove weather

Station Location: Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Approx. Latitude S 27° 23' 52"   Longitude E 152 ° 55'  35"  Elevation 76 m

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Dawn: 04:44 Sunrise: 05:10 Moonrise: 15:46 Moon
Dusk: 19:13 Sunset:  18:48 Moonset: 01:53
Daylight: 14:29 Day length: 13:38 Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous 85 % visible

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Welcome to Ferny Grove weather a suburb in North West Brisbane, Queensland, Australia about 12km from Brisbane City and 20 km inland from the coast.

Station Status

A replacement system was installed on Wednesday 3 October and replaced the current system at 4:45 PM on Thursday 4 October. The data is measured much more accurately and differences are be expected from the existing observations. A comparison summary comparing the new system to the old system over the next several months will be available in the future.

The weather station in use is the Davis Vantage Pro 2 which replaced a La Crosse WS-2306 on 4 October 2018, and the data is measured at 5 minute intervals except when the Cumulus weather station software is running when it is measured each minute. These pages are usually updated twice daily usually at the start and end of most days. Note that these pages are not continually updated at a regular interval. However sometimes these pages do update regularly usually every 15 minutes especially during weekends and during notable weather. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

The sensors are sited in the best available locations of a suburban backyard. The temperature and humidity data collected by the La Crosse WS 2306 was sited in an over sheltered spot out of sunlight. Therefore the recordings are inaccurate but mainly for overnight readings. However manual measurements were also made using an additional sensor and this has more accurate overnight readings. At the present time these recordings are not available on this site but will be in future. This data and other data analysis may be also available upon .

There will be 0min 56s less daylight tomorrow

Short term forecast*: Mostly clear with little temperature change.

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Conditions at local AEST time 07:51 on 18 January 2019 (GMT +10 hours)Conditions at local time 07:51 on 18 January 2019.  
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 24.1 °C Dew Point* 18.1 °C
Wind Chill* 24.1 °C Humidity* 69%
Heat Index* 24.1 °C Apparent Temperature* 26.2 °C
Average Temperature so far Today* 20.3 °C Temperature Change in the Last Hour +2.7 °C Rising
Three hour Temperature Trend +1.8 °C Rising Wet Bulb Temperature 20.1 °C
Chill Hours this season (Since 1 April)* 202.3 hours THW Index* 25.0
Rainfall Today 0.0 mm Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Rainfall Yesterday 0.0 mm Cloud Base* 748 m
Rainfall This Month 8.0 mm Rainfall This Year 8.0 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 0.0 mm Last rainfall (of least 0.2 mm) Thu 10/01/2019 7:05
Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.0  mm Rainfall Yesterday 0.0mm
Consecutive Wet Days (of least 0.2mm) 0 Days Since It Last Rained 7
Rain event total (of at least 0.4 mm in 3 hrs) 0.0 mm since ----- Number of minutes since last rainfall (of at least 0.2 mm) 11566
Wind Speed (Current) 4 km/h Wind Bearing (Current) 206 ° SSW 
Wind Speed (Gust) 6 km/h Wind Speed (avg over 10 minutes) 4 km/h
Wind Bearing (avg over 10 minutes) 248° WSW Beaufort F1 Light air
Wind Variation (last 10 minutes) From 206° To 351°    
Barometer*  1017.21 hPa Trend: Rising 0.72 hPa/hr
Current Weather Note For Ferny Grove.

Last updated at 7:50 AM on 18 January 2019.

12/1/19: Fine. Partly cloudy with cu clouds from morning with ci and ac clouds in the afternoon. Moderately low dew point at times in the late morning and the afternoon. Light NW to SSW winds in the early morning, shifting SSE to ESE and SSE to ENE in the afternoon and evening.

13/1/19: Fine and mostly sunny with cu clouds from morning and easing during the day. Light W to SSW winds in winds then shifting SSE to E , SE later in the afternoon and early evening before backing to SSW to SSE in the late evening.

14/1/19: Fine. Partly cloudy with cu clouds from the morning. Dew point was moderately low during the middle of the day before improving in the afternoon. Light SSW to WSW winds in the early hours, shifting during the morning to S to SE from mid morning. ENE to SE winds in the afternoon and SSW to E winds in the evening.

15/1/19: Fine. Mostly clear early with cu clouds developing during the morning with cu clouds easing later in the afternoon. A warm day. Light and variable winds in the early morning, shifting SE to NE in the afternoon, and E to NE in the evening.

16/1/19: Mostly sunny with some cu clouds from the morning and easing in the afternoon. Fine and a warm day. Light winds mostly ENE to WNW becoming E to NNE from late morning and SE to NE from early afternoon, E to NE from mid afternoon and ENE to NE in early in the evening and NNE to NNW by the late evening. Moderately low dew point in the second half of the morning before returning to normal from the middle of the day. Moderately low relative humidity during the daylight hours.

17/1/19: Partly cloudy with cu clouds easing during the day, with some cu clouds in the afternoon. A fine and warm day. Light ENE to N winds in the early morning, shifting SE to NE from mid morning, E to NE from late afternoon and NNW to NNE later in the evening. Fluctuating temperature during the middle of the day and early afternoon. Moderately low point in afternoon recovering to normal in evening.


Courtesy of WillyWeather based on data from Bureau of Meteorology. Latest conditions from BoM Brisbane weather station.

Radar courtesy of Weather Underground from data collected by the Bureau of Meteorology Mount Stapylton Radar

Satellite courtesy of CIMSS from the geostationary satellite Himawari-8 operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Graphical Forecast courtesy of Seabreeze

BoM attribution

Warnings Banner at top of page supplied by WillyWeather when warnings issued by the Bureau of Meteorology are current for Ferny Grove.

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